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 If improving your 1 Rep Max or besting your  performance from your last meet is at the top of your goal list then get ready to get strong with UStrong12



This is specifically designed to help powerlifters or gym goers who love getting stronger in these big 3 lifts.

Pay $105 for all 12 weeks!

This is perfect for you if:

X You want a proven program that works

X You’re looking for an accessible option for coaching.

X You are committed to doing the work and actually getting results.

X You’re already familiar with the lifts, consider yourself to be comfortable with a barbell, or even intermediate level of lifting

How it Works:

This program includes:

  1. 4 days of programming with an optional 5th day.
  2. Access to a supportive community via the Train Heroic App
  3. Video examples of each exercise performed by me
  4. Full warm up routine to do before each training session
  5. Easy access to programming via free Train Heroic app
  6. Week 12 is a Mock Meet to test how strong you have gotten in the big 3!

What you need:

  1. Access to a basic commercial gym with : squat rack, bench, deadlift area, basic machines or cables and dumbbells (cable/ machine work can be substituted for dumbbells if need be).
  2. Train Heroic app (this is a free app you can download on your phone)

When does the next round begin: Sunday April 9th!

Pay $105 for all 12 weeks!



Pay $105 for all 12 weeks

Solana Lewis

Solana Lewis has been coaching powerlifters for over 5 years, and has been a personal trainer for 8 years. Solana has been competing in the sport of powerlifting since 2016 and is a World Champion in the 63kg class and currently a Pro Powerlifter with the USAPL. Solana is passionate about helping people become the strongest version of themselves to help them gain confidence mentally and physically both in and outside of the gym. Solana has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and her constant education keeps her on top of the latest science to help powerlifters improve their performance.


I will be providing programming on a monthly basis for a total of 12 weeks. You will have video examples of every exercise and Train Heroic let’s you set up your own profile so you can log all of your numbers, track your progress, and talk to the people who are also training alongside you! I will be in the app daily to answer questions

This programming is geared to helping you build up your 1RM in the Squat bench and Deadlift so alongside those movements there are accessory lifts to help you get stronger and build more muscle. We train 4 days per week with an optional day 5 day of accessories and light bench press.

If you invest in the program before January 13th then once a month for all 3 months (3 times total) I will look at form videos that you will directly send me and respond with video feedback to help with technique).

You should improve in strength for you 1rm’s if you follow the programming and stay consistent along with take care of yourself outside of the gym (i.e. Manage stress, sleep 6-8 hours, drink water, eat well with sufficient protein daily).

I will check in the app daily to answer any and all questions Monday - Friday within 24 hours of asking (unless you ask after 12pm est on Friday then expect a Monday response).


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