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Here’s what people say about working with Solana

Solana is the first powerlifting coach that I have hired and I am happy I did. She really cares about her client. She always gives warmups/mobility work to your specific needs in her program that helps set you up for a good workout. She goes above and beyond giving helpful cues and tips to better form during her weekly check ins. Since working with Solana my form in the squat, bench and deadlift have drastically changed for the better. Before working with Solana my deadlift form was suboptimal, I would just yank the bar to get it off the floor. After months of patience and trying different cues Solana was able to teach me to pull the slack out of the bar, engage my lats and pull with better form. I know after working with her I am reaching my goal of hitting big numbers next time I step foot on the platform.
- Shanna Samels
I have been working with Solana for about a year and a half now. I reached out to Solana after sustaining many injuries and not reaching my goals being under a different powerlifting coach. Even before I started a powerlifting program with her, Solana listened to my concerns and addressed my injuries. Her powerlifting programming is incredibly personal and comprehensive. I’ve competed and placed in powerlifting meets, made new PRs, surpassed them, and worked passed my injuries all with the help of Solana and her coaching expertise. 
During the pandemic Solana created a program just for me with the equipment I had at home and continued to do weekly check-ins with me to help keep me inline with my goals. Now that I am able to return to the barbell, Solana helped me make a seamless transition back. I have no qualms recommending Solana and I’ve even recommended Solana’s services to my closest friends. Whatever your goals are you can be rest assured Solana has the knowledge and experience to achieve them.
I am happy and proud to say I found a great coach and friend in Solana.
- Sephorah Pierre
Since I started working with  Solana I have made many improvements not only on my squat,bench, and deadlifts but all my lifts. In under a year my numbers on my big 3 lifts have improved. My favorite thing about having her as my coach is she pushes me to work hard every week.  Solana is very  dedicated to her clients. Her video breakdown of my lifts every week helps me see what I am doing wrong so I can make the changes. Having her as my coach has been the best decision!
- Nikki Curcio

About Solana

Solana Lewis is a certified USAPL powerlifting coach & Precision nutrition coach. She has been powerlifting since 2015 & has made amazing achievements in the sport including becoming an IPF Junior World Champion in 2018 & beating the junior American National Squat Record in 2020. Her passion for education and studying movement along with her experience as an athlete herself gives her a unique lens to ensure progress to every athlete she works with.

Athletic Achievements:

2018 IPF junior world champion 63 kg class

Matched the World Record Deadlift for 63 kg junior class

2020 American Squat record 63 kg class

Currently holding NJ state records for squat, deadlift and total