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  • A short 1 move assessment that will give you a way to test & re-test your shoulder mobility and spot immediate improvement.

  • Clarity on how your shoulders should be positioned during your competition bench press.

  • 5 simple warm up drills that will improve your shoulder stability to maximize your bench.

  A free quick reference cheat sheet so that you're prepared for your next meet.


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About Solana


BS- Exercise Science, USAPL Powerlifting Coach, PT- NFPT, PN-L1

Solana Lewis is a personal trainer, powerlifting coach and a nutrition coach.

Solana has been working extensively with powerlifting athletes for over 4 years now and has coached them through competitions as well as handled their nutrition. Solana coaches her powerlifting clients online. Her coaching includes: Personalized programming to strengthen the 3 main lifts while improving weak points. A focus on accessory work that will keep powerlifters strong, feeling good and minimize injury risk. She provides video analysis to educate her clients improve their technique to ensure success with the barbell.

Solana herself is an IPF World Champion powerlifter and currently holds the Junior American Squat record for the 63kg weight class. Her background as a competitive powerlifter, along with her bachelors degree in Exercise Science, and years of coaching has helped her to develop training models to advance both powerlifters to improve their total while keeping them healthy. Solana's personal experience with failures as well as success in powerlifting gives her a unique lens to coach powerlifting athletes and to give them what they need to progress. Her passion and interest in human movement and performance drives her personal education and research to find the best scientific strategies to ensure her clients success to reach and exceed their goals.