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Work with Me

Customized Training Block: 

  • 1x Custom Training block (8 weeks)
  • Live Assessment to study your movement patterns & understand your goals/ training history to create customized program
  • Mid- point check in via zoom to answer questions & video analysis to critique form 
  • Limited communication
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1 on 1 Powerlifting Coaching: *most popular option

  • Live Assessment to study your movement patterns to create customized program
  • Weekly Customized programming 
  • Customized warm ups
  • Access to video examples of each exercise
  • Weekly video analysis for form critique for all exercises 
  • Personal communication via email for all questions and accountability
  • Daily communication as needed to ensure progress


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Strong Wom3n Facebook Group

A monthly membership for women who love lifting barbells, want to improve their performance, and become a part of a supportive lifting community. Get feedback on your form from a world champion coach so that you can find the cues that work, and break through your plateaus.

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Nutrition Coaching:

  • Customized nutrition plan for your specific goals using a flexible approach
  • Macro counting based approach
  • Weekly communication with clear goals set for each week to ensure success
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Cardio recommendations 
  • Access to me via email daily to ask questions & to provide accountability

*1 time nutrition consults are also available upon request

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