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#44: USA Powerlifting is going International

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2022
Hey y'all! On today's podcast we have a roundtable discussion featuring: Jennifer Thompson, Natalie Richards, Natalie Hanson, Jodel Patino and Chrissy Peracchi.
We discuss what we as athletes would like to see at international meets that are run by USA Powerlifting. 
4:10 - Introductions to the roundtable guest
10:00 - What we want the production to be like
18:45 - What countries would we want to go to?
20:20 - What has the USA Powerlifting team talked about so far for these meets?
24:00 - The timeline for the 1st international meet
32:30 - Do we want meets IN major cities or NEAR them
35:00 - Do we want our expenses partially covered or prize money?
40:00 - How do we want winners to be selected (weight class? Dots?)
46:00 - Do we expect the experience to be similar to IPF worlds?
54:00 - USA Powerlifting will have our own world records!

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