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Episode 4: Aleena Kanner - PRI & Powerlifting

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

Thank you so much for listening to The Power in Lifting Podcast!

In this episode I speak with personal trainer Aleena Kanner! Aleena is a former national level olympic weightlifter. She shares her journey of going from a high level lifter, too abruptly stopping due to her health. And how this painful event in her life completely changed how she sees exercise for herself and her clients today. 

We also talk a bit about how PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) can have a very positive benefit to lifters when used correctly!

Websites Referenced in this Podcast:

Solana Lewis (podcast host)

Aleena Kanner (guest) 

Neal Hallinan's youtube channel

Prism (Facility Aleena currently works out of in Fort Worth Texas)

Social Media:

Aleena Kanner

Solana Lewis



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