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Episode 8: Whitney Baxley

Uncategorized May 28, 2021
In today's episode I spoke with powerlifting athlete Whitney Baxley. Her most recent performance on March 15th 2021 has brought her rank up to being #5 in the 60kg weight class worldwide! At this meet she broke the World Record deadlift in her weight class with a 518lb final pull.
In this episode we speak about how she got into the sport of powerlifting, how she was blatantly looked over at her last meet and not given the best lifter award when she earned it, what insane numbers she plans on hitting at the Showdown Meet which she was invited to compete at this coming September, and more!
We also have a fun conversation about how being competitive in the sport of powerlifting is largely based off of your confidence, mentality, and all of the things you do outside of your training on a daily bases to ensure your actual training is high quality.
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