Powerlifting Squat Mechanics

You will leave this training understanding how to: 

• Stop falling forward in the hole.

• Find the optimal bar positioning.

• Warm-up for the squat.

• Increase your 1RM while avoiding injuries & plateaus.

• Feel confident to hit the platform knowing you can squat to competition standards!


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Master your Deadlift:

Fix the 4 common deadlift mistakes that most lifters are making.

If you are like me or like most of my clients that I work with, then the chances are you are already deadlifting, but maybe you are wanting to break through plateaus, avoid nagging aches and pains and  put the weight on the bar that you have been dreaming of...

In 60 minutes this training will teach you:

  • How to avoid the most common deadlift mistakes
  • How to improve strength in your deadlifts
  • How to ensure your technique is correct
  • How to breathe and brace 
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DIY Programs



Here's What's Inside Waiting for You

8 weeks of programming: Through an educational guide and instructional video series, you'll learn how to perform exercises correctly with video demonstration and verbal coaching to guide you every step of the way.

Daily Training Calendar: Organization with a structured program: calendar to know what day to do what exercises.

Daily Training Log: Track the workouts you have completed so that you can measure increased performance

Warm Ups: Every workout has a warm-up and cool down to make sure you're activating the right muscles so they are "turned on" prior to training, which can help reduce rate of injury and improve the quality of your workouts.

4 Strength Days: 4 full body follow-along-workouts with a balanced approach. Creating balance through the bodyis important for overall functionality and strength improvement.

3 Conditioning Days: Improve recovery and remove stubborn fat utlizing the science of HITT and LISS

Nutrition Guide: Fuel workouts for greater performance while staying lean. Pre and post workout nutrition information are provided to maximize fat loss and muscle recovery

Recipe Guide: 5-minute favorite pre&post workout meals

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