Increase your 1 rep max in 12 weeks time! Improve your technique and build confidence under the barbell.

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Most lifters who are lifting with a goal of getting stronger are spending 8+ hours in the gym every week. If you are ready to ensure that every hour you spend in the gym will improve your technique, strengthen your weaknesses and help to strategically add more weight to the bar then this program is for you!

The purpose of USTRONG90 Group Coaching is to give you what every lifter needs to be successful:

  • Community
  • Video technique analysis
  • Specific feedback to improve your individual lifts
  • Movement prep to optimize your positioning before touching the barbell
  • All of your questions answered

Stop hitting plateaus. Stop wondering how to improve your form. Stop thinking that pain while lifting heavy is normal. Stop grinding away in the gym for hours and seeing minimal progress!



A 12-week program designed to improve your 1 rep max in your squat, bench and deadlift while teaching you to optimize YOUR positioning for the barbell.


As a USTRONG90 member You can expect:

  • Video analysis to teach you exactly what to fix & how to fix it
  • Community from others following the same program
  • Movement prep that gets your body in the best positions before touching the barbell
  • Daily access to the group and to your coach 



Here’s what’s included:

  • 12 weeks of group programming
  • Full Warm Ups for Squat Bench & Deadlift focused sessions
  • 4 lifting days 
  • 1 active recovery day
  • Communication with coach Solana nd other participating athletes via private facebook group
  • Weekly video analysis for each individual athlete on the main lifts  
  • Video library to understand how to perform each exercise

Here’s what clients say about working with Solana Lewis:

Before I started training with Solana I was using an online powerlifting program.  As much as I liked the programming I wanted something more individualized and I wanted to be coached.  Coached not only on lifting heavy but on my form and technique.  I joined Solana's Facebook group and immediately felt comfortable there posting videos.  The feedback I got from Solana on those videos was extremely beneficial and immediately improved my lifts.  Each time she gave a suggestion to anyone who posted in the group I could see the change in their lifts as well as my own.  When she offered a consultation I jumped right on it.  After the consultation, where she helped me fix an issue with my deadlift, I knew I wanted to have her train me.  As the weeks have gone on in our training I feel more confident in my form and I am feeling stronger than I have in a long time.  It is so important to find a good coach. One who asks what your goals are, tailors your sessions to those goals, and along the way teaches you.  That is exactly the kind of coach that Solana is.  Do not miss out on your chance to train with her!    
-Teresa Mueller
I signed up with Solana after doing a zoom session and talking to her about the issues I was having with my squat.  While I am not a competitive lifter, I am determined and goal oriented and was stuck not being able to improve my squats and deadlifts. Solana has helped me see that my form in my squat was preventing me from improving. I now feel stronger in my squats and deadlifts and look forward to being able to increase my weight. If you feel you are not improving or want to have your form evaluated, I would highly recommend signing up with Solana as she will give you the coaching you need to keep improving and hitting your goals!!
-Lori Walz
The main reason I switched to Solana to be my powerlifting coach is because of how dedicated she is to seeing you succeed. Solana is the most enthusiastic and detail oriented coach I’ve ever had. She offers weekly video analysis where she watches your lifting videos and gives you cues to focus on each week. Solana is also very timely with her responses. You will never have to guess when you will hear back from your coach because she is so dependable and displays great time management skills.
I’ve seen so much progress in my form for all three lifts while only working with Solana for 6 weeks now. Each week we focus on one tweak for all three lifts and once that form issue is corrected we move our focus to a new weekly goal. I look forward to her weekly check-ins because of how in-depth her analysis is. I have found great success through this method of coaching.
Switching to Solana was the best decision I could have ever made in my powerlifting career. Her programs are not cookie cutter and I love how much individual attention she gives. She caters to your specific needs and creates a program that fits your individualized goals. She is so enthusiastic and genuinely cares about your progress. I absolutely love working with her!
-Tara Hansen

Why did I create USTRONG90

My 1:1 clients invest in me so that I can quickly address their weaknesses & technique & have them progressing consistently underneath the barbell. What I have realized through my own personal experience as well as being a coach for 6 years now, is that most lifters think that just “working harder” or “spending more time at it” is the solution to their problem, whether it be breaking through a plateau, dealing with annoying pains or fixing their form. But the real reason that lifters hit plateaus, get injured or struggle to improve is because they are not able to see what they need to adjust in their technique, and their programming is not setting them up for success.

I made USTRONG90 because my 1:1 coaching isn’t accessible to everyone as it is limited, however I am passionate about helping as many lifters as I can. And the power of going through a program with other beginner to intermediate lifters while having access to a coach to watch your form and answer all of your questions can be the piece you were missing to finally see success in the gym!


What’s the investment?

Here’s a quick recap of what you get:


  • 12 weeks of group programming
  • Full Warm Ups for Squat Bench & Deadlift focused sessions
  • 4 lifting days (meant to be ~90 minutes each)
  • 1 active recovery day
  • Communication with me and other participating athletes via private facebook group
  • Weekly video analysis for each individual athlete on the main lifts  
  • Video library for examples of how to perform exercises

3 monthly payments of $111 or a total of $297 if you pay in full


Enroll in USTRONG90 by 3 monthly payments
Enroll in USTRONG90 by full payment

Here's what clients say about working with Solana Lewis:

After gaining an interest in powerlifting I had a trusted program to increase my strength.  I held a quiet idea that maybe I'd like to take my training up a notch to compete in the sport but I was also becoming discouraged as I felt "topped out" and couldn't push past major form sticks in all my lifts, particularly my squats. 
What made me decide to sign up with Solana is after a 15 minute zoom call. Honestly, after the first 5 minutes I thought this woman really cares about my squat! Your experience, expertise and genuine interest and attention in wanting to see improvement felt like a good fit for what I knew I needed to level up my lifting. I was also struck that you believe in my capabilities more than I do, and that makes me excited to rise to what you see. 
After 10 weeks working with you I am excited to start seeing my numbers go up. I can't believe what my warm ups are now!  I feel less intimidated because I am learning how to position and prepare my body for powering heavy loads. The quiet idea of maybe competing is shaping into bold possibility. 
For someone wondering if they should train with Solana; if you already have the drive, the push, the discipline why continue wasting time depending on yourself to figure out how to push past what's holding you back from the next tier in your training?? Spinning wheels doesn't align with the powerlifting mindset. A coach, specifically Solana, sees what I can't. Power through hesitation and level up to serious training!
-Maria Doheny
Solana is the first powerlifting coach that I have hired and I am happy I did. She really cares about her client. She always gives warmups/mobility work to your specific needs in her program that helps set you up for a good workout. She goes above and beyond giving helpful cues and tips to better form during her weekly check ins. Since working with Solana my form in the squat, bench and deadlift have drastically changed for the better. Before working with Solana my deadlift form was suboptimal, I would just yank the bar to get it off the floor. After months of patience and trying different cues Solana was able to teach me to pull the slack out of the bar, engage my lats and pull with better form. I know after working with her I am reaching my goal of hitting big numbers next time I step foot on the platform. 
- Shanna Samels
Since I started working with  Solana I have made many improvements not only on my squat,bench, and deadlifts but all my lifts. In under a year my numbers on my big 3 lifts have improved. My favorite thing about having her as my coach is she pushes me to work hard every week.  Solana is very  dedicated to her clients. Her video breakdown of my lifts every week helps me see what I am doing wrong so I can make the changes. Having her as my coach has been the best decision!
- Nikki Curcio
I have been working with Solana for about a year and a half now. I reached out to Solana after sustaining many injuries and not reaching my goals being under a different powerlifting coach. Even before I started a powerlifting program with her, Solana listened to my concerns and addressed my injuries. Her powerlifting programming is incredibly personal and comprehensive. I’ve competed and placed in powerlifting meets, made new PRs, surpassed them, and worked passed my injuries all with the help of Solana and her coaching expertise. 
During the pandemic Solana created a program just for me with the equipment I had at home and continued to do weekly check-ins with me to help keep me inline with my goals. Now that I am able to return to the barbell, Solana helped me make a seamless transition back. I have no qualms recommending Solana and I’ve even recommended Solana’s services to my closest friends. Whatever your goals are you can be rest assured Solana has the knowledge and experience to achieve them.
I am happy and proud to say I found a great coach and friend in Solana.
- Sephorah Pierre

This program is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate lifters who want to see improved strength
  • Lifters who want to improve their form in their squat bench and deadlift
  • Lifters who are interested in getting into the sport of powerlifting 
  • Lifters looking for community to talk about training & common lifting struggles
  • Lifters looking for guidance with their technique to ensure progress

Money Back Guarantee!

I am certain that everything we will going through in this 12 week group program is exactly what you need to improve your technique and get you stronger in the squat bench and deadlift.

Join today, and after 12 weeks if you are consistently filling out your program, participating in the facebook group weekly and asking questions, sending in your weekly training videos and watching my feedback response, and you have no improvement in your 1 rep max or in your technique under the barbell, then you may request a full refund.